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College Writing & Study Skills Strategies

Procrastination Control: Success Tips for Adult Students.
Tactics to keep you on track for success. See also Win the War Against Procrastination and Time On Your Side: 9 Ways to Take Control of the Clock.
See You Online!
Helpful tips for using college library resources and the Web.
Making the Grade.
Returning students have life skills that can easily be transfered to the classroom.
7 Steps to Writing a Great Research Paper.
Ways to ace the assignment and alleviate stress. See also Proofreading Your Writing Assignments and College Writing Center 101.
Writing the In-Class Essay Exam.
Brainstorming and creating successful in-class college essays. See also The Gift of Gab: Landing an 'A' on Your Essay Exams and Essay Test Panic: Strategies for Success.

IT Degree Programs

IT Degree Programs by Andrew Alen

These days, businesses are getting global as well as more and more complex, and information technology is the backbone of most of the companies. As a result, there is a high demand for proficient and well-trained IT professionals. Thereby, pursuing an information technology degree will help to boost your career and also to get high paying jobs in both small and large companies.

There are a number of both regular and online universities offering various degree programs as well as specialized and short term certification courses in information technology. The degree programs are specially designed in order to enhance professional skills. They also help to boost several career opportunities for you in the field of Information Technology. The specialized and short term certificate programs are better suited for working professional in order to up grade their IT skills. These courses also help the students to learn various entrepreneurial skills necessary to open their own Information Technology enterprises.

How to take to start back to college (2)

Information about the Hope Scholarship and Lifelong Learning tax cuts.

The financial aid information page has information on grants, loans and scholarships, financial aid applications, calculators and guide to admissions testing.

The largest scholarship database and guide to financial aid, scholarships, grants and loans.

New web sites discovered for earning college credits and continuing education credits are below:

How to take to start back to college

The first step involved in planning to further your education is an understanding your motivation to do so. You may have decided to change careers or perhaps you have gone as far as you can in your career without a degree—or you may want to complete a degree program that was interrupted in the past. Understanding your motivation will help you make decisions and keep you on track. Motivation provides the energy for focus. Focus concentrates your powers, efforts and attention to get you from here to your goal.
Research what you will need to do in order to reach your goal and develop a plan. You may have some tradeoffs or adaptations that you will have to make in your personal and professional life. Discuss these honestly with your family and friends. Find out if the school has any support groups for adults that have returned to college.
Investigate which schools have programs that fit your goal. Is their location accessible or do they have distance education programs that you can utilize? Will you need to take entrance examinations?

How to Accelerate Your Degree Plan (4)

Credit Banking 
Credit banking is an evaluation and transcript service for those who need to consolidate academic records. The Credit Bank issues one transcript in which all credit is summarized in a comprehensive form. The Credit Bank will accept seven kinds of deposits, including credits from licenses, certifications, college courses (inlcuding correspondence or distance courses), equivalency exams, non-college learning experiences, company courses and in-house training. Some universities that provide portfolio assessment and credit banking services are Thomas Edison State College, Charter OakExcelsior College, andOhio University.

Credit by Learning Contract
Contract learning, where you design your own curriculum or learning contract, is used in many distance degree programs. The learning contract enables students who cannot attend traditional programs offered by colleges and universities to prepare a contract to attain the equivalent knowledge. Under faculty guidance, students design contracts that detail the subjects to be studied, assignments, projects or tasks to be fulfilled, resources used, and the methods for knowledge assessment, as well as the time frame for completion.

How to Accelerate Your Degree Plan (3)

The National Program on Noncollegiate Sponsored Instruction (PONSI) is another advisory service that turns training received outside of classrooms to college degrees. PONSI evaluates coursework and publishes the results inCollege Credit Recommendations, a directory that colleges use as a guide in awarding credit for noncollegiate course work. Member organizations of PONSI include cultural institutions, large corporations, government agencies, healthcare organizations, labor unions, and professional and voluntary organizations. Nearly 1,500 colleges and universities consider awarding credit based on National PONSI’s credit recommendations. PONSI often evaluates and recommends credit for professional certification or licenses given in recognition of occupational training.

Credit for Life Experience (Portfolio Credit)
Students who have gained competency in an area through life experience may be able to earn college credit through a life experience portfolio. But preparing life experience portfolios can be time consuming and are not a quick solution. Reports must be submitted for each course the student seeks credit for, including supporting documentation for learned proficiencies. Approximately 15-18 units can be earned through a portfolio. Some colleges offer courses that provide the student with direction for developing a portfolio, while others may have advisors available. An individual portfolio may include:

How to Accelerate Your Degree Plan (2)

Excelsior College Examinations (formerly Proficiency Examination Programs - PEP)
Excelsior examinations are accepted for college credit by over 900 colleges and universities (acceptance policies vary by school so verify acceptance before registration - see the registration guide for a directory of colleges granting credit.) Tests are available within the arts and sciences, business, education, and nursing. The exams are 3 hours long, contain either objective or extended response questions, and are graded according to a standard score, letter grade, or pass/fail. Excelsior exams can help you earn undergraduate credit and graduate credit. Fees vary, depending on the subject and type of exam.

Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) 
The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is generally the standard admissions test for students seeking admission to graduate school. However, the GRE is sometimes also used to assess student's learning at the undergraduate level. There are two types of GRE examinations: general testing and subject (discipline) specific. Credit for these exams can go up to 30 credits. These tests score undergraduate achievement in eight disciplines.

Many colleges and universities also have credit-by-examination programs through which students earn college credit. The most well known are throughOhio UniversityThomas Edison State College, Charter Oak College and theUniversity of North Carolina.

How to Accelerate Your Degree Plan (1)

Wish you could return to college but think it's an impossible dream? With the arrival of distance education and increasing flexibility, there are now many more options available to students. These include testing out through examination and advanced placement, getting credit for military, corporate, or professional training, and receiving credit for life experience through portfolio assessment. These options generally cost less than a traditional classroom education and can help save signficant time and money toward a college degree.

Credit by Examination
Did you know that you can "skip" many core courses and receive credit for them through college credit examinations and advanced placement? College credit examinations are widely accepted by colleges and universities. By passing these examinations, individuals can earn one-third or more of the credits required for a degree. These examinations are available in more than 150 subject areas and are similar to final examinations given by colleges and universities. Credit by examination is a relatively fast, low cost way to receive college credit. There is a small fee involved for the exams (i.e., the cost of a CLEP exam is just $72.00).

The American Council on Education (ACE) recommends college credit for all of the following credit-by-examination programs:

College Board Advanced Placement Examinations
The College Board offers exams specifically for students who wish to earn college credit in preparation for college entrance. Exams in thirteen subject areas are offered. According to the Board, almost one-fifth of students entering four-year colleges are eligible for credit through Advanced Placement. The AP (Advanced Placement) Program provides testing in arts and languages, computer science, history, mathematics, the natural sciences, and social sciences. Most tests are multiple choice or essay questions and can take two to three hours to complete. Each exam costs $80; however, there are state and school district subsidies that may cover the fees. AP examinations are especially helpful for the adult student who is about to or has completed a GED (General Education Diploma) and will be entering college.

Education Tips

Parenting Education Tips

This written document is all about the issue that you have been looking for, take your time to read it.

With parenting education classes they are not just theoretical, they relate to the many of the subjects that are happening right now in our lives. As children are constantly developing and ever-changing before our eyes we need help in understanding how to raise them in our complicated world. This help has to be consistent with our surroundings and the diverse problems that are encountered.

There are obstacles and one of the many questions that you as a parent will have to deal with is that of your child’s education. There are many parents who will tell you that they have already chosen the schools their kid will attend all the way up to university. These same parents will advocator you to make the same choices now but I think that it would be wiser in the long run in your child’s education if these choices were made as your kid approaches each of those stages.

Elementary Education

Elementary Education - Training Ground for Children

The school is considered as the children's second home and their teachers are secondary parents. It is very vital to acknowledge the importance of elementary education. This time children start to learn about the basic ideas that initially come out their mind.

There is a necessity to universalize elementary education. If before, parents do not give much importance to the education of their children, it is of a different thing nowadays. We are living in a world of competition. To give better opportunities for everybody, illiteracy should be eradicated in the society.